Bruce Springsteen
Solo Acoustic Tour Setlist Song Count

Mansion on the Hill

06-Dec-95 Consitution Hall, Washington, DC
09-Dec-95 Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA
13-Dec-95 The Becon Theater, New York, NY
16-Dec-95 The Orpheum, Boston, MA
11-Jan-96 The Fox Theater, Detroit, MI
12-Jan-96 Stambaugh Theater, Youngstown, OH
16-Jan-96 Music Hall, Cleveland, OH
26-Jan-96 The Bronco Bowl, Dallas, TX
17-Feb-96 Congress Central Halle 1, Hamberg, Germany
22-Feb-96 Le Zenith, Paris, France
26-Feb-96 The Carre Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands
28-Feb-96 The Apollo, Manchester, England
02-Mar-96 City Hall, NewCastle, England
20-Mar-96 The Point Theater, Dublin, Ireland
11-Apr-96 Teatro Smeraldo, Milan, Italy
17-Apr-96 Royal Albert Hall, London, England
20-Apr-96 Queen Elizabeth Hall, Antwerp, Belgium
24-Apr-96 The Brixton Academy, London, England
07-May-96 Teatre Tivoli, Barcelona, Spain
23-Oct-96 Saroyan Theater, Fresno, CA
28-Oct-96 Schnitzer Auditorium, Portland, OR
08-Nov-96 Saint Rose of Lima, Freehold, NJ
20-Nov-96 Palace Theater, Louisville, KY
21-Nov-96 Murat Theater, Indianapolis, IN
24-Nov-96 Paramount Theater, Asbury Park, NJ
02-Dec-96 Sunrise Auditorium, Miami, FL
05-Dec-96 Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC
10-Dec-96 Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH
12-Dec-96 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
27-Jan-97 Kokusai Forum Hall, Tokyo, Japan
08-Feb-97 Capitol Theater, Sydney, Australia

There were 128 shows during the Solo Acoustic Tour in 1995, 1996 and 1997.