Bruce Springsteen
Solo Acoustic Tour Setlist Song Count

The New Timer

30-Nov-95 Berkeley Community Theater, San Francisco, CA
03-Dec-95 The Rosemont Theater, Chicago, IL
05-Dec-95 Consitution Hall, Washington, DC
08-Dec-95 Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA
09-Dec-95 Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA
12-Dec-95 The Becon Theater, New York, NY
13-Dec-95 The Becon Theater, New York, NY
15-Dec-95 The Orpheum, Boston, MA
25-Sep-96 EJ Thomas Hall, Akron, OH
23-Oct-96 Saroyan Theater, Fresno, CA

There were 128 shows during the Solo Acoustic Tour in 1995, 1996 and 1997.