In a wide-ranging interview with the Stone Pony London (SPL) website, E Street Band member Nils Lofgren -- the man Bruce Springsteen calls “the greatest guitarist in rock and roll” – discussed everything from opening for Jimi Hendrix to the devastating loss of Clarence Clemons last year. SPL founder Craig J. LaCava (CJ) and Steve Collins (TD) were able to spend 45 minutes with Nils on 13 Jan 2012.

Lofgren, 60, talked about his new record, Old School, that reflects on his long years in music and the many legends he’s worked with since hitting the road at age 17. He said if he could advise his young self, he would tell him to be less reckless playing youthful sports and to “spend a few less days on the couch watching football and eating Haagen-Dazs and get up and write a song or something” instead.

Lofgren talked about bootleg recordings, the shows he watched as a fan over the years, how he joined the E Street Band in 1984 and much more.

Lofgren said the E Street Band belonged in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “a long, long time ago” and that getting bypassed is “a sore spot” for some in the band. But Lofgren said he sees it as “a badge of honor” that only “the guys in tuxedos” can explain.

Since leaving the record industry behind, Lofgren has a vibrant website at that includes a guitar class, a shop and much more.

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