Columnist CJ LaCava
(Born in NJ and now in the UK)

It's The End of a Great Year
Posted on December 17, 1999 @ 8:00PM GMT

Can't believe we're almost in 2000. This year flew by for me and my wife. Living in Europe was sooooo nice - especially during the tour. What a great year for Springsteen fans: the Tracks box set, the 1999 Tour, the prospect of a new live album, etc. And with Bruce's last words on stage, "We'll be out again next year!" - you know that the tour will continue in 2000.

Looking for some boots? There is a new FTP server up and running now, and the public will get word of it around Christmas day. It's been tested for about a month now. I don't really know who it belongs to - I hear a lot of people actually put it together and administer it from all over the net. It's going to be called The Stone Pony, London (because it is actually in the UK). Check the Downloads section of the site for more details later.

I've been so busy in November and December this year. I need to finish the Discography commentaries soon. If you recently sent in some show reviews, I'm sorry that I have not had the time to post them. I'm looking for a well written review from one of the last shows of 1999. Please send one in if you have written one.

Have a great holiday. I'll be in London under Big Ben with some mates of mine from the Netherlands. Happy Y2K.

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