Columnist CJ LaCava
(Born in NJ and now in the UK)

The Rosalita Sign Campaign
Posted on August 1, 1999 @ 1:00AM GMT

We all have our favorite Bruce tune. We all have our dream setlist. A group of fans have decided that they MUST hear Bruce and the Band play Rosalita.

How are they requesting Rosalita? By flooding the front rows with "PLAY ROSALITA" signs. There were a few smaller signs during the earlier NJ shows, but during last show, there were at least 10 or 12 of them and they were BIG and hard to ignore.

Picture this: it's Patti's birthday and the band seems to be in a great mood. They open the show with a surprise. The Ties That Bind blasts through the arena (much to most people's delight). Bruce is giving it his all. He looks up to survey the crowd, and the front row is thrusting their request signs into his view and in front of the view of the fans behind them.

After trying to ignore the signs, Bruce finally said, "We ain't playing that old fucker." Hey, they got their answer.

Nice job, folks. Did anyone get the hint? Nope. The signs stayed up throughout the night. Even after "put those signs away" and "put those fucking signs away - I got a job to do." Sigh.

Hey folks. Let me clue you in: he ain't gonna play it. He doesn't want to play Rosalita. Your signs are pissing him off. Some fans at the show swear the show's mood went down-hill all evening. So now you're actually slightly souring the whole show for everyone else. Thanks.

Wanna hear Rosalita? Break out the Live box or an old boot. Leave the signs at home, please. Or at least wave them around outside the show (like the Sherry Darling guy unobtrusively outside the London hotel - who got his request at the last London show).

At the end of the show, right before Land of Hope and Dreams, Bruce made one final comment, "We're here to serve you as best we can. I hope you understand that now."

[Note: OK, I'll eat my words now. Bruce just closed out CAA with Rosie.]

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